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Cub Creek Science Camp

Located at Bear River Ranch

16795 Hwy E

Rolla, Missouri  65401






Summer Science Camp Activities




There is something for everyone at

Cub Creek Summer Camp!


We have six main activity periods each day at camp.  Two course periods, two class periods, one free period and an evening activity.  Our campers choose their own activities.  Campers choose two course for each week of camp (course are listed below).   A course is a week long activity that takes place for one hour of each day.  Everyday, campers enjoy a new hands-on project that focuses on the courses theme. 


Summer camp classes are one hour, one time activities, that offer a very wide variety of choices.  Campers choose two classes each day (many of our classes are listed below).  They sign up for their classes at camp each evening (we offer over 100 different classes each week of summer camp.)


What would you like to do at camp?


Below is a list of our Summer Camp Courses.  What sounds the most fun to you?


  1. ADOPT AN ANIMAL: Animal Science - Choose your favorite animal and become its adoptive parent for the week.  As an adoptive parent you will (under the supervision of our staff) learn about your animal, take responsibility for its care and handling, and teach other campers about your adopted friend. - We have 6 different adopt an animal course.  Each focuses on a different animal location and different kinds of animals
  2. AMAZING ANIMALS: Animal Science - If you can't get enough of animals then this is your course!  You will have the chance to get up close and personal with every animal at the Ranch.  You will hold snakes, feed our armadillo, play with the baby goats and more.  You will visit all our animal homes including the Barn, Wallaby Country, The Jungle, Pentagon, Glider Pavilion, Animal Room, Reptile Room and The Habitats. 
  3. ANIMAL SAFARI :  Field Biology -Explore the different parts of the Ranch and search for local wildlife including snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, deer, raccoon, fox and more.  Bring along a camera or sketch book journal to record your findings!
  4. ARCHERY :  Did you know that archery involves physics? - If you love archery and want the opportunity to improve your skills then this is the summer camp course for you.  You will learn the basics of how hold and shoot a bow and arrow, as well as the more advanced skills of making your own arrow point and bowstring. You will also learn how to throw a spear known as an atlatl.
  5. BEYOND LIMITS:  It's all about awareness.  Play games blindfolded and decipher codes in Braille.  Lean how to fingerspell using sign language or navigate an obstacle course using a wheelchair.  By the end of this summer camp course, you will appreciate your own abilities as well as the unique abilities and talents of others.
  6. BUILD IT YOURSELF (PHYSICS LAB)Physics is the science that studies how and why things work. (the study of motion, matter and energy) - Learn how things work and why they sometimes don't.  Take common household items apart and put them back together again.  Make your own flashlight, assemble circuits, build aerodynamic paper airplanes and discover ways to harness your own strength.
  7. CREEPY CRAWLY CRITTERS:  Entomology is the science that studies insects - So, you think life is tough?  Try spending a day as an ant.  Watch a meal worm metamorphosis into a beetle or a caterpillar into a butterfly. Attract and identify nocturnal as well as diurnal insects, build habitats or compete in the bug Olympics!
  8. CRIME SCIENCEBecome a forensic scientist as you analyze the evidence gathered from a fictional crime scene.  From fake blood testing to fingerprints, handwriting analysis to mystery powders.  Work to gather clues and vote to convict the suspect in a mock jury.
  9. CULTURAL CRAFTS:  Anthropologists have been studying other cultures though  art for a very long time.  During this summer camp course you will learn to appreciate the time, skill and dedication of other cultures by learning some of their crafts including: jewelry, beading and dream catchers.
  10. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  Learn how to photograph animals with ease.  Photograph a nature alphabet.  Learn photo tricks to create funny pics (like your mom standing on your hand!)  Upload your photos and alter them in fun ways in the computer lab.  This is the ultimate summer camp course for the aspiring digital photographer.
  11. FABULOUS FOODS:  Do you love to cook?  Then this is the summer camp course for you.  Learn to bake ice cream that doesn't melt in the oven.  Try out some amazing experiments with eggs.  Grind whole wheat into flour to make delicious pancakes and top them with the butter you made by hand.  Chill out with your own concoction of home made ice cream or decorate a cake like the pro's.  If you want to amaze your family and friends with science you can eat, then come learn a few tricks from our kitchen.
  12. GROWING GREEN:   Botany is science that deals with plants.  Plants are all around us.  They can be used to make everything from clothes and food, to medicine and perfume.  Without plants our planet would not survive.  Become a Botanist for a week and learn all about the mysteries of our common plants.
  13. JR. VET:  Do you love animals?  Have you thought about becoming a veterinarian?  Then this is the summer camp course for you.  Learn all about caring for animals, what vets look for during a routine check up and how they treat the common and not so common ailments of our furred, feathered and scaled friends.
  14. Advanced Jr Vet:  This course is for those campers who have completed the original Jr Vet course and would like to go more in depth into the field of veterinarian medicine.
  15. MIXING MAGIC:  Chemistry is the science that deals with matter (what things are made of) - Mix, measure and pour while you create some fun stuff including: super balls, slime, and silly putty.
  16. NATURE CRAFTS : Dip your own candle, make handmade paper, or spin a natural jump rope, all while you learn about our world's valuable natural resources.
  17. POTTERY:  Get muddy on the pottery wheel.  Learn coil, pinch and slab methods for hand building clay.  You will make a variety of great projects such as masks, mugs, and animal tiles to take home.
  18. RESCUE 911 Oh no! Your friend has fallen out of your tree fort.  What should you do?  Okay, so it didn't really happen, but you will have fun learning how to handle a variety of emergency situations.  Practice responding to emergency situations just like real paramedics.
  19. RIFLERY: Take a safety course and build your skill at the riflery range.  Shoot at paper targets, bowling pins, tin cans and spinning targets.  We use single shot, bolt action 22 cal rifles.
  20. ROCKIN AROUND:  Geology is the science that studies the earth, rocks and minerals. - Calling all rock hounds.  If you are fascinated by the earth and what it's made of, then this is the summer camp course for you.  Learn how to classify different types of rocks and use geologists' methods for discovering their structure.  Everyone one will go home with their own rock collection.
  21. SPLISH SPLASH - Learn all about your favorite summer hangout.  Everything from water chemistry to why some things float and others sink.  You will wear your bathing suit for this class and have lots of fun in and out of the water. 
  22. SURVIVAL SKILLS:  A plane crash leaves you lost in the woods.  How will you survive?  You will learn to prioritize your needs including food, water and shelter.  You will learn how make a fire, guild a shelter, find, trap and cook your wild cuisine and become self reliant in the wild.
  23. WATER WORLD:  Pond Study- Limnology is the science that deals with the study of ponds, lakes and streams. - Put on your boots, grab your collection nets and let's go explore the life in a pond.  During this summer camp course you will view life under a microscope, as well as all the plants and animals that call a pond (above, below or beside) their home. Be prepared to get wet, muddy and have loads of fun.



Campers take part in two classes each day.  Below are brief descriptions of some of our classes.  These classes include old camp favorites and many other activities found nowhere else but at Cub Creek Science Camp.  No matter what you choose, you are sure to have a BLAST!

  1. Animal sketching:  Learn how to draw animals.
  2. Animals - Reptiles and Amphibians: Hold a snake, feed a tortoise, catch a frog and learn all about these amazing cold blooded creatures and how they compare to one another.
  3. Animals - Mammals: Hold a hedgehog, feed a wallaby, time a hamster as it races through its favorite maze.  You may even be lucky enough to see the birth of a baby goat.
  4. Animals - Birds: Collect guinea fowl eggs and put them into the incubator,  talk to a parrot and listen as he talks back, run with an emu (the second largest bird in the world). Learn all about feathers, eggs and everything else that make birds unique in the animal kingdom.
  5. Animals  - Invertebrates:  Scorpions, hermit crabs, millipedes, oh my! Get up close and personal with these unusual animals.
  6. Adopt an Animal: Campers choose their favorite animal from our camp zoo to learn about and take care of for the class period.  If you didn't take Adopt an Animal as a summer camp course you can always choose to care for an animal one day at a time.
  7. Animal Toys:  Learn how to use fruits, vegetables, wood scraps and other household objects to make great toys for your pets.  Discover why toys and playing are so important to the health of an animal.
  8. Animals - Jr. Keeper:  Work side by side with one of the animal specialists and assist with the daily chores of keeping over 200 animals healthy and happy.
  9. Animals - Edibles for animals:  You would be surprised how many healthy snacks you can collect for the animals at camp right from our own backyard.  It's amazing how a handful of edible greens can turn an ordinarily shy animal into an instant friend.
  10. Animals - Grooming:  Learn how to bathe a pet, trim the feathers on a bird's wings, cut the nails of a dog or cat, and other ways to help keep animals clean, safe and parasite free.
  11. Animals - Vaccinations and injections:  Learn how and why a vet would give a vaccination or other injection to an animal.
  12. Archeology : Unearth ancient mysteries at a simulated dig site.
  13. Archery: Will you hit the bulls eye? In our shooting games, everyone wins!
  14. Atlatl: Practice your skills with an ancient spear thrower.
  15. Barn Animals: Learn all about the variety of animals that call our barn their home.
  16. Beady Buddies: Make your favorite animal out of beads.
  17. Brain Teasers: These puzzles and games are no match for the clever mind.
  18. Camp Fire Cooking: Learn the tricks of cooking over an open fire.
  19. Camper's Choice: Get at least 4 friends together and you can become the leader of your own activity.  (With a counselor along to assist.)
  20. Cake Decorating:  Yes, there is even science involved in decorating cookies and cakes.  Make your masterpiece and then enjoy eating it when you are finished.
  21. Candle Dipping: Dip your own candle the way pioneers did two hundred years ago.
  22. Cartesian Divers: Magic or science?  You will have to decide.
  23. Clay creations: Make a beautiful pen with unusual details and designs to take home.
  24. Climbing Wall
  25. Dance: Learn some great dance moves and even choreograph your own routine for our skit night.
  26. Digital Photography: Learn to take pictures with a digital camera and then download and edit them on the computer.  Your picture may even be chosen to be posted on our web site.
  27. Dream Catchers: Make one of these to hang above your bed to keep bad dreams away.
  28. Electricity: Make a light bulb light up and an alarm sound all by creating simple circuits.
  29. Electro Magnets: How do electro magnets work?  Make one of your own to take home.
  30. Finger Prints:  Learn how to pull finger prints from evidence and determine who they belong to.
  31. Fire Starting: There are many ways to start a fire; we will teach three of the best.
  32. Fishing:  Bluegill, bass or catfish. . . which will you catch?
  33. Flint Knapping: Make your own arrow point.
  34. Flower Identification: Learn to identify the common flowers around camp.  Make a flower press to take home.
  35. Fossil Find: Dig in the sand pit and find shells and fossils that you can take home.
  36. Free Swim:  Cool off in the pool, play a game of Marco Polo, dive after foreign coins or just float on some pool toys.
  37. Gem Stone Quarry:  Dig in the earth and uncovered your very own gemstone to keep, including, rose quartz, amethyst, iron pyrite and more.
  38. Giant Bubbles: Mix and measure until you discover the perfect bubble solution for creating HUGE 5 foot bubbles.
  39. Giant Swing
  40. Hiking at the Ranch:    Explore the Ranch from top to bottom including our glades, deer trails and hidden camp sites.
  41. Ice cream / Butter: Have fun making homemade butter and ice cream.
  42. Insect Safari: We will collect, identify and release as many types of insects as we can.
  43. Kitchen Chemistry: Conduct fun experiments with items found in almost everyone's kitchen.
  44. Magic: Learn the secrets behind some of the greatest magic tricks and how science is involved.
  45. Stamp Carving: Design and carve your own rubber stamp.
  46. Microscopic Life: Use a microscope to discover what can be living in a drop of water.
  47. Ooblick: Have fun with this amazing goo.  Is it a solid or a liquid?  It can roll into a ball and ooze between your fingers.
  48. Orienteering: Find a treasure using only a map and compass.
  49. Owl Pellets: What do owls eat for dinner?  Discover your answer and a hidden skeleton as you dissect a real owl pellet.
  50. Pancakes:  Grind wheat into flour and make your own pancakes, top with butter that you churned from cream.
  51. Paper Making: Create new paper from trash.
  52. pH: Are the things we eat and drink acids or bases? 
  53. Physics of flight: Learn how birds and planes fly while you make and fly your own plane.  Build and launch your own rocket.
  54. Plaster Casting: Capture an animal's track with plaster.
  55. Potpourri: Make your own potpourri, lotions and perfumes.
  56. Pottery: Make a sculpture, pot or vase from clay or spin a pot using a potters wheel.
  57. Rainbow in a Jar: Layer one liquid on top of another while creating a rainbow in a jar.
  58. Rappeling Wall
  59. Riflery: Take a safety course and learn how to shoot a 22 cal rifle
  60. Rocketry: Build and launch your own rocket.
  61. Rocks and Minerals: Start or expand your own rock collection while exploring our dry creek bed, glade and many trails.
  62. Rope Making: Use an antique machine to spin binders twine into a jump rope to take home.
  63. Shelter Building:  Make your own shelter.  Learn what works and what doesn't.
  64. Sign Language: Learn to communicate without using your voice.
  65. Sink or Swim: Discover what and why things float or sink while having fun in the pool.
  66. Slime Factory:  Create your own slime, ooze and flubber.
  67. Spelunking:  Bring your lanterns and prepare to get muddy, while we explore a nearby cave.
  68. Spy Science: Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?  Solve this and other mysteries using science and reasoning.
  69. Terrific Trees: By the end of one hour you will be able to recognize 90% of the trees in our forests.  How many adults can do that?
  70. Tie Dye: Be sure to bring a shirt from home to make a one of a kind memory of your camp experience.
  71. Turtle Patrol:  Weigh, measure, mark and release locally caught box turtles as part of a scientific study.
  72. Volcano:  Make your own volcano and watch it explode.
  73. Water Chemistry: Learn how to test the health of water.  Will it support life?
  74. Wild Edibles: Have you ever eaten cattail root, or drank rose hip tea?  What can and can't you eat in the wild? You'll know at the end of this class.
  75. Zip Line
  76. And many many more!



Evenings are full of fun and laughter as campers come together for large group activities.  These activities may include:

  1. Campfire - singing and roasting marshmallows.
  2. Night Swim
  3. Scavenger Hunt / Treasure Hunt
  4. Camp Out - One night during the week all the boys sleep out and on a different night all the girls sleep out.  Campers may choose to stay in tents, hand made shelters or under the stars.
  5. Native American Games
  6. Skit Night  (on the last night of each camp session)
  7. Movie Night - Come to the Dining Hall.  You bring your pillow and we'll bring the popcorn and a great movie.
  8. Carnival Night - Have you ever wanted to throw a pie in someone's face?  Well now is your chance.  You will enjoy cotton candy, face painting, carnival games and more.
  9. Pajama Party - It's your party, so you and your cabin mates will decide what type of party to have.
  10. Circle of Life - You will head to the cabins early for this evening activity, because the animals will be coming around to visit you in your cabin.
  11. Project Cub Creek - Using your imagination, the props provide in a black trash bags and one volunteer counselor each cabin will dress their counselor for their debut on our camp runway.
  12. Pool parties and more!



 Get in the camp spirit by dressing up for the theme of the day.  Themes are announced before camp even starts so that you can come to camp prepared, get creative the night before in your cabin, or shop for fun items in the camp store.  Many times the theme of the day ties in with other cool events happening at camp.


Popular themes include:

  1. Crazy Hair
  2. PJ Day
  3. Western
  4. Pirate
  5. Tie Dye
  6. Rock Star
  7. Luau
  8. Super Hero
  9. Olympics
  10. Sports
  11. Bugs
  12. Mardi Gras
  13. Halloween
  14. Safari
  15. Earth Day
  16. Backwards Day
  17. Favorite Animals
  18. Fiesta
  19. Chocolate
  20. Hollywood
  21. Everyone's Birthday
  22. Animal Baby Shower
  23. Creatures and more






Our science and animal camp activities are what set us apart from other traditional and science summer camps!   Cub Creek Science Camp lets you choose the activities that sound the most fun and interesting to you. 


While we offer all of the favorite "traditional" camp activities such as tie dyeing t-shirts, camping, archery, fishing, swimming and crafts.  Campers learn the "why" , "how" and "what if" behind what they are doing.  Our staff are trained to teach the science behind camp activities.  (How does sunlight create the colors that we see?  Why are fish slimy?  What is Plaster of Paris made from and why does it get hot when it begins to harden?)


There is no other program that offers what Cub Creek Science Camp does.  Our "Adopt an Animal Program" and Jr Vet Program are unique to Our Camp.  Both programs are ideal for kids who are considering a career with animals, or can just never seem to spend enough time around our furred, feathered, or scaly friends.



  • Summer camp activities are designed to be appropriate for the varying ages of campers, which makes them both fun and challenging. 


  • Campers choose the activities that interest them the most.  This choice increases interest and therefore learning.


  • Each camper will choose two summer camp courses for each week at camp.  These courses will focus on one specific area of study and involve fun hands-on projects or experiments that expand upon the course's subject each day. 


  • In addition to these summer camp courses campers will participate in two classes each day.  Classes are specific projects that take just 1 hour to complete but are sure to entertain, intrigue and educate. 


  • All Cub Creek Science Camp activities are fun and hands-on. Most activities leave the camper with something memorable to take home.










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