nose to nose with a sloth at animal camp


feeding llamas at animal camp


getting close to tiny monkeys at summer camp








Summer Animal Camp





At Cub Creek, kids don't just learn about animals, they interact with animals. 


All animal camps are designed for kids who are crazy about animals, but not all animal camps are created to give kids hands-on interactions with animal.  This kind of up close and personal interaction will be remember for a life time!


Cub Creek Science Camp is the only residential camp in the country with it's own zoo.  It was created by an animal enthusiast for animal enthusiasts. We have lots of animal related activities and offer the opportunity to interact with more animals than any other animal camp.  


Things to consider when selecting an summer animal camp

  1. What type of animals does the summer camp have? - We have over 100 species. 

  2. Is the summer camp facility USDA licensed?  - We are

  3. Is the summer camp ACA accredited? - We are

  4. Does the summer camp let you hold, touch, feed and care for the animals or just look at and learn about them? - We do


Click here to see a list of all our different kinds of animals at Cub Creek Animal Camp


Learn more about our Jr. Vet program


Learn more about our Adopt an Animal program


What can you do with animals at Cub Creek Science Camp?


Well, you can . . .

  • adopt an animal for a week at camp - Which means that you will be responsible for caring for your favorite animal while you are at camp.

  • feed grapes to a ringtail lemur

  • feed a banana to a sloth

  • hold a hedge hog

  • walk a llama

  • pet a porcupine (very carefully, of course)

  • play fetch with a dog

  • take a snake or lizard outside and watch as they have fun in the sun

  • collect chicken, peafowl, guinea and goose eggs

  • watch a chick hatch from an egg

  • hold a baby chick in your hands

  • watch as a baby horse, donkey, goat or sheep nurses from it's mom and then does it's "happy dance" when it's full

  • sing with a parrot

  • bathe a miniature horse

  • brush a pig

  • climb rocks with a goat

  • make a cardboard castle for a hamster

  • make a mineral block for a bird

  • make a feather toy for a kitten

  • give ice cubes to the wallabies (little kangaroos)

  • care for, feed and clean up after your adopted animal

  • go wading with a gosling

  • catch frogs, salamander and fish (in order to identify and learn about and then release them)

  • join our 100 animal club - which means that you have touched, seen and learned about 100 different kinds of animals



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feeding emus at animal camp


walking a mini horse at animal camp


We only conserve what we love.

       We only love what we understand

                We only understand what we are taught!


holding a huge snake at summer camp



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Cub Creek Science Camp

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