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The easiest way to follow the tour is to read each section and then find the area on the camp map.


Bear River Ranch is a 240 acre modern camp facility nestled in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks, just 9 miles north of Rolla, Missouri.  The Ranch was once home to WoHeLo Woods Camp and was run by the Camp Fire Girls.  In 1999 Scott and Lori Martin purchased the property, which appeared to have been abandoned nearly 15 years earlier.  Construction and renovations began almost immediately as days off and weekends were consumed by turning this facility into a modern, comfortable, barrier free escape for nature and animal lovers from around the world.  Scott and Lori with their two daughters (Mikayla  and Jamie) live and work full time at Bear River Ranch.   Nearly everything at the Ranch is either new or newly renovated and is fully wheelchair accessible. 


Welcome Pavilion

When you turn off State Route E into Bear River Ranch you will drive down a 1/2 mile drive to our parking lot.  Located in the northwest corner of the lot is our welcome pavilion.  Most groups will meet here and unload luggage onto trailers.  These trailer will be taken to your assigned cabins.  As you drive in, keep an eye out in the woods and you may see some white tail deer or turkey.



As you arrive in the parking lot, you can't miss the main office.  We welcome you to pop in and explore the warm lodge decor as you sip on a cup of hot chocolate or cappuccino.   Most days you will find two large white Pyrenees dogs (Frog and Angel) waiting to greet you.  Keep your eyes peeled and you may see a peacock or two roaming nearby as well.


Bears Den
Tucked in the trees near our welcome pavilion is Bears Den.  This large multipurpose building is perfect for many types of group gatherings.  The beautiful knotty pine walls and ceramic floors lend to both formal and informal events. 


The Martin Home

Across from the parking lot is the home of Scott, Lori, Mikayla and Jamie Martin the owners of Bear River Ranch.  All of our cabins, the health lodge and the dining hall have a telephone with the owners home phone number posted, so that you are just a phone call away from getting any question answered.


The Pond's

Bear River ranch is home to several beautiful ponds.  Whether you are looking for a serene place to relax and read a book, watch goldfish swim, catch frogs, study the ecology,  or take in a little catch and release fishing, there is a place here for you.  Our fishing pond is located beside the animal pasture.  In fact is not uncommon to watch emus, llama or goats drinking from the opposite bank while you fish.  While blue gill is the most common fish caught in our pond, we have had campers catch 3 and 4 pound catfish as well. 


Directors Cottage

Right in the center of the action you will find a friendly door to knock on.  Our Director Ashley Nanney and her family live in this quaint home and are always wiling to help you find a solution to your needs at the Ranch.


Dining Hall
Behind the Director's cottage is our dining hall.  The dining hall is a common meeting place for groups and offers a fully equipped kitchen and seating for up to 110 people.  With air-conditioning, a big screen TV, two bathrooms and a drinking fountain it is popular gathering spot.  Delicious meals are served buffet style with fresh fruit and vegetables available for lunch and dinner. 


Camp Store

If you forget your toothbrush, need a cold soda and candy bar, stamps, toys, a flashlight or want to bring home a souvenir from your adventure here, the camp store is the place to go.  The store is open in the off season by request and in the summer season at designated times.


The Nook

This small cottage once operated as our health lodge.  Today it acts as a residence for students working with us through our exchange program.


The Pottery Studio

Pottery lovers will enjoy this air conditioned opportunity to play.  With several wheels, creation stations, and a kiln your imagination is the limit!  The studio is open during the summer session and is available for user groups in the off season as a rental option.


Health Lodge
Our health lodge is a large building with several sections.  Section one contains a lobby area with couches a bathroom and a water fountain.  Behind the front counter sits a roomy nurses office with a locking room to store medications.  The four private rooms, full bath, and TV room provide comfortable lodging for up to 12 people.  Section two of the health lodge is a large three bedroom home with a beautiful kitchen and cable television used for our health lodge staff during the summer camp season.  The third section has a cabin area for small groups, a small workout room, and full laundry facility.


Camp Fire Ring

Directly behind the health lodge is a favorite spot, the camp fire ring.  This is the perfect location for group songs, skits and simply roasting marshmallows around an open campfire. 



The Lounge

Comfy couches, a game table and big screen cable TV make this the prime spot to hang out at the end of a long day.  Sorry kids, this area is for adults only. 


The Computer Cafe

Open during the summer camp season only, this is the place to send emails home!  Email cards are kept for each camper so we can help kids stay in touch.  Outgoing emails are batched and sent out via our server at the end of each day.  Incoming mail is printed and delivered to your camper during lunch time.


The Cabins

We house two pavilions of cabins (currently 12 total) each named after a different State. 

 You won't find more comfortable cabins anywhere!  Cabins are 1600 square feet, have air-conditioned or heated, semi-private rooms, private bathrooms and showers, chilled drinking fountain, Serta twin mattress, a large central meeting room and a covered front porch. 

We understand how important a good nights sleep is to ensuring an overall fantastic camp experience and we built these cabin with this in mind.



The Quarry's

Dig into an exciting adventure in our fossil quarry.  Become an archeologist as you find and identify many interesting shells, fossils, and sharks teeth!  If you dig Geology, you will love our gemstone quarry where you can find many beautiful stones.  Both quarry's are open during the summer season and offered as an optional activity for rental groups upon request.


Ursa's Landing

Ursa is the Latin name for Bear.  Ursa's Landing is the name given to our large covered pavilion in the heart of base camp.  This pavilion is equipped with a large BBQ grill and outdoor sound system.  This is the perfect location for large family or group picnics or even an outdoor dance.  Ursa's Landing even has lighting to allow you to enjoy this beautiful location well into the evening.  It is large enough for groups of 100 or more to gather.


Swimming Pool

Behind Ursa's Landing is our outdoor swimming pool.  A great place to cool off or have a swim party.  Our concrete ramp makes wheel chair accessibility a breeze.  Guests who use wheel chairs will usually transfer into our "pool" wheel chair and take the pool chair directly into the pool.  There is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day then to take a dip in the swimming pool.


Archery Range
If you take the road between the swimming pool and dining hall and turn off before you reach the animal area,  you will find the trail to our archery range.  Archery is a popular activity during our summer season where certified instructors help you perfect your technique while ensuring everyone's safety.  During the off season, Our ranch is available as an activity option with or without personal instruction.


Activity Pavilions
Activity pavilions are scattered along the fire break which surrounds our cabins We have a total of 6 covered pavilions to use as activity locations.  All have concrete floors and picnic tables.  Three of our pavilions have electrical outlets and running water.  Each Pavilion can easily accommodate 16+ people around two picnic tables.


Astronomy Hill
The view is breathtaking from this scenic hill top.  Astronomy Hill is the ideal location for star gazing.  No light pollution, just the beautiful night sky viewed from a private, secluded Missouri glade.


The Animal Learning Center Areas:


Glider Pavilion

This open air pavilion is home a playground to a variety of animals.  At night, it is fun to enjoy watching the sugar gliders and degus jump and climb from the ropes of their jungle gym.  During the day, watching the soft chinchillas playfully chase one another through the maze of cylinders on the floor is also fun.  During the summer, frisky  kittens also love this playful spot.



 Bird Barn

This area is home to a variety of animals.  The number and type of animals making the bird barn their home changes with the season.  The most common residents of the Bird Barn include parakeets, parrots, love birds, a macaw, conures, cockatiels, and other birds from our free flight aviaries.  You may even see a few sloth's, bunnies or tortoises!  


The Pentagon

Across from the Bird Barn is a 1/2 acre fenced in enclosure.  Because of its five sides it has earned the name "The Pentagon".  The Pentagon is home to our Patagonian Cavy's, turkeys, giant African spurred tortoises and more.  Guinea and Peafowl also call The Pentagon home.  A popular summer time activity is to go on an egg and tortoise hunt inside The Pentagon.  (This is harder than you may think.)


Animal Room
Our Animal Room is home to many small pet shop type animals.  The Animal Room favorites are usually our playful ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs,  and  sugar gliders.  You can also hold a four eyed opossum!  How many eyes do you think they really have?


Reptile Room

We have a variety of lizards, snakes, tortoises, amphibians and invertebrates in this room.  From a pair of 8 foot red tail boas,  to giant hissing cockroaches, bearded dragons and Giant monitor lizards we have something for every lover of cold blooded creatures.



These indoor/ outdoor enclosures are home to some really fascinating friends!  Watching spike the African crested porcupine smile as you rub behind his ears is enough to make your heart melt.  Having Sarah the sloth eat a banana from your hand with a pallet of only four teeth is just fascinating.  The habitats also commonly house our nursery animals so it is not uncommon to find a baby wallaby, sheep, or even an emu baby ready to play.  Don't miss seeing Old Ned our six banded armadillo


Wallaby Country

Watching our six miniature kangaroo's (or wallaby's) hop and play will keep any animal lover enchanted!  Watch closely and you just may see a baby joey peeking out at you.


Animal Barn
Follow the road past wallaby country and you will come to a large barn, barnyard and pasture.  This is the home of our goats, emus, miniature donkeys , miniature horses, alpacas and llamas.  No matter what time of year you visit, you are sure to enjoy the antics of these unusual animals.  Have you ever heard an emu drum?  Have you watched a goat climb up a rock tower or fed a llama from your hand?  Well after visiting Bear River Ranch you may add these and many other memories to your collection.  (Don't forget your camera) During the summer, campers bottle feed baby goats and milk mother goats at the barn.


The Coop

This area is worth cackling about!  Imagine gathering a rainbow of different egg colors.  We have a wide variety of roosters and hens from brahma's (One of the largest varieties) to cochens  (one of the smallest).  If you like chickens, this area will surely shake your tail feathers!


Turtle Pond
Our Turtle Pond is an enclosed shallow pond used for the study of amphibians, box turtles and a variety of other pond life.  If you visit the Ranch in the spring you will be amazed at how deafening the courtship calls of the frogs at the turtle pond can be.  Your group may enjoy being a part of our "Turtle Patrol" project which is an ongoing study of the territory and growth rates of Missouri's three toed and ornate box turtles.






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Inside the dining hall


In the barn yard


side view of Kentucky cabin (All cabins look similar to each other.)


Front of a cabin


Shower - every cabin has two private showers


Right hall of a cabin - each hall has four rooms


One room.  Every cabin has 8 rooms just like this one.


Friends from the reptile room



Cub Creek Science Camp

Located at Bear River Ranch

16795 Hwy E

Rolla, Missouri  65401