Summer Camp Internships



Bear River Ranch offers unique learning opportunities in all aspects of camp management.  Interns may choose to be involved in any of the following:

  • Facility development and upkeep
  • Program development and administration
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • American Camping Association accreditation
  • Animal care, propagation, training and education
  • Staff recruitment, screening, hiring and training
  • Marketing
  • Development and implementation of education programs
  • Photography and media portfolio opportunities


Internships at Bear River Ranch are ideal for students interested in a career in organized camping, outdoor education, parks and recreation, or therapeutic recreation.  With more than 200 animals of 100 species at the Ranch, Veterinarian and Animal Husbandry students would also have an outstanding learning opportunity.


The duration of each internship varies with the individual goals of the student.  Internships are individually tailored to meet the needs of the intern and of the Ranch.

Interns at Bear River Ranch receive:

  • Room and partial board

  • $300 stipend per month


Interns at Bear River Ranch are expected to be self directed and goal oriented.  In order to apply, please complete our on-line staff application and follow it with an e-mail describing your goals for a successful internship.


International staff are welcome to apply.













Cub Creek Science Camp

Located at Bear River Ranch

16795 Hwy E

Rolla, Missouri  65401