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The latest news and events at Bear River Ranch.  If you want to know what is going on with Cub Creek Science Camp, then you have found the right place.



December Newsletter - Animals like presents too.  News from Jamaica.  Some new animals at the ranch.


November Newsletter - Happy Thanksgiving.  2012 summer schedule. A baby is born. Wicket our young marmoset.  Putting on a winter coat.


October Newsletter - 5 little babies and how they grew, and grew and grew.


September Newsletter - 2011

Thanks to everyone for such a great summer.  Time to register for camp 2012.


April Newsletter - 2011

I'm keeping the content of this newsletter a secret, so that you will have to read it. (There are some great pictures!)


March Newsletter - 2011

See pictures and read about:Ground breaking for the ropes course, New babies at camp, The science behind "feeling blue", Foam Fight, Contest winners


January Newsletter - 2011

News about our newest expectant mom, our favorite recipe, cutting ice (an experiment), Orville and Wilber, then and now.


December Newsletter - 2010

New additions, tasty recipes and holiday advice.


November 2010

Included in this newsletter: Dutch oven pizza, Shiny Pennies, Art and Science Contest Information, Camp Jamaica, Our new Game Pavilion, Our Monkeys Grow Up and Porcupines.


October 2010

August / September 2010

April Newsletter


New baby Wallaby - 2 pounds, 3 ounces - Name: Roo



Here is an incredible video of the birth and development of a Red Kangaroo. (A close relate of our Bennett Wallaby.)





March Newsletter - New "kids" at camp



February 24, 2010 - We have Baby Emus!!!

One has hatched and one is in the process of hatching.  This is not our video, but it is a great video of an emu hatching.





February  2010Newsletter - Love is in the air.

January 2010 Newsletter - New Year! New babies!

December 2009 Newsletter - Habitats are complete.

November 2009 Newsletter - A new baby at the Ranch!

October 2009 Newsletter - New camp store, Animal auction

September 2009 Newsletter 


Our New Sloth Video -                   



January 2009 Newsletter - Meet the newest addition to camp

December 2008 Newsletter - The Animals at camp are chilling out!

November 2008 Newsletter - Cub Creek is going to the birds!

October 2008 Newsletter - We are heading to Jamaica!


January 2007 Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp newsletter

Overview of 2007 Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp newsletter

October 2007 Cub Creek Science and Animal Camp newsletter












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