Staff Orientation

May 20 - June 1


Dates and Times

Staff Training will begin on May 20.  Staff should plan on arriving between 1 pm and 3 pm.  The first week of staff training will be set up like a typical camper week.  Staff will follow a schedule similar to one followed by campers and will attend activities geared to teach them their assigned courses.  During the first week of staff training, you will have the same restrictions that campers have (no electronics or cell phones) and a schedule that will include the same rising and bed time that campers have (up at 7:30 am and lights out at 10:30 pm) .  The second week of staff training will be much more relaxed.  Staff will have access the staff lounge, weight room, phone and computer, and their own music (See staff manual for rules regarding personal electronics and cell phones).  There will be no lights out time for staff during the second week of training.


For those flying to St Louis

  • If you will be flying in, we will offer free airport pickup at 12 noon on the 20th.  If you are not able to find a flight that arrives into St. Louis before noon, you may arrive on the 19th and we will pay for a hotel for the night and pick you up from your hotel on the 20th at 11 am.  This way we will get everyone to the camp before 3 pm for the start of staff training. 

  • We will offer transportation service for departure flights on Aug 12th, arriving at the airport at 12 noon.  (So please do not book your departing flight to leave before 1 pm on Aug 12th) - We need to know everyone’s arrival information so that arrangements can be made for transportation.


Food and Lodging

Dinner on May 20th will be the first meal served.  Food and lodging will provided free of charge for the remainder of the summer.  Breakfast on Aug 12th being the last meal available.


Dress code
Our staff are a role model for our campers, and staff are expected to dress accordingly.  Staff  dress comfortably and appropriate for the weather and activity. Staff typically wear jeans or shorts and t-shirts. Clothing not appropriate for camp

  • clothing with rude or vulgar language or inappropriate logos,

  • overly revealing clothing including; spaghetti strap tops, shirts that reveal the mid-rift, short shorts, bikinis or Speedo style swim suits (tankinis are ok). Shorts should fall at least 3 inches below the buttocks.

  • open toed shoes ie flip flops or sandals (tennis shoes, crocks and boots are great!)

Staff hair should be of a natural appearance and color.  No visible tattoos or piercings (other than a single piercing in each ear).  See staff manual for more information on our staff dress code.


Staff will be provided with one camp tee-shirt and one staff name tag. Your camp shirt should be worn on the first and last day of each session. You should wear your name tag every where you go at camp. Any staff who does not have a clean camp shirt or name tag should request one from the office. The cost of extra camp shirts are $5 and name tags are $2.


Code of Conduct
Appearance and personal hygiene are important in setting an example for campers, and we expect staff to use, and insist that our campers use, good manners, clean language, proper actions, neatness, cleanliness etc. We expect each staff member to recognize the impact he or she may have on a child. Your role modeling is essential and the behaviors you choose will be emulated. If you are positive, fair and honest, the campers will follow suit.

Individuals, while in the employment of the Cub Creek will adjust their personal habits and actions to the customs, policies and ideals of the program.
• No profanity or vulgar language is allowed on site. (Even out of ear shot of campers)
• No fraternization, physical contact, or intimacy is allowed between staff members on camp property.
• All conversations with campers should be of a “G” rating.
• Staff should not discuss their personal relationships, problems or work issues with campers or in front of campers.
• Staff should never be “alone” with a camper (alone is defined as with a camper and out of eye sight of someone else)


Ending Dates and Times

Camp ends on August 11th.  Campers will be out of camp by noon and then we spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning and breaking down camp.  We will all go out in to town for dinner on the 11th after we are finished cleaning.  If you need to leave right away, plan on being finished with cleaning by 6:00 pm.  - Please do not ask to leave early, no one likes to clean, but it must be done.  (Final pay checks will be issued when we are done cleaning.)










Cub Creek Science Camp

Located at Bear River Ranch

16795 Hwy E

Rolla, Missouri  65401